Online Baby Cam offers an online browser based baby video monitoring service.

Maybe you don’t have access to your baby monitor or simply cannot afford to purchase one. Maybe you left your baby monitor at home and currently on holiday. What we have done is create a system that utilizes laptops, mobile phones and tablets to build a baby video monitor. Our system is cross device compatible which means you can connect any device to any other. For example, use a laptop in the baby’s room and your mobile phone or tablet as the receiver for monitoring.

Using WebRTC technology, our system connects devices browser to browser without recording or storing any video data on our servers. Our media server is simply a middleman that connects devices together and transcodes streams into a browser friendly format. Online Baby Cam is a reliable and affordable substitute to a standard baby video monitor. You can monitor your baby directly from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet, all you need is an internet connection.

Because our monitoring system uses browsers to connect, there is no app to install or any software to download.


  • 2 Devices (any combination of laptop, mobile phone or tablet).
  • Any of the following browsers installed: Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE.
  • Internet connection on both devices.
  • Webcam (if your device doesn’t have a camera).
Online Baby Monitor Example Setup

How to set up an online baby monitor system using our service.

It is quite easy to get set up with our online baby video monitoring service. You need 2 devices, one for the babies room and one that you can use to monitor the baby’s room. Simply place a browser enabled device into the baby’s room and navigate to the “Start Free Baby Monitor” button in the main menu. Make sure the device is connected to a power source so that the battery doesn’t run flat. You can use a laptop, mobile phone or tablet, make sure the device is connected to the internet.

Note: The device in the babies room is called the monitor whilst the device you will use to check the monitor, is called the receiver.

To set up the receiver, copy the unique web address from the monitor to the receiver. You can copy the link direct, send it via Whatsapp, Telegram or email or scan the QR Code. This will open the same unique URL on both devices and connect the live video / audio feed between the 2 devices. Check that you can see the monitor on the receiver device and move the monitor to suit so that you can see the baby clearly.

Some tips:

  • Make sure there is some light in the baby’s room as our system does not use infrared technology. There are also a number of apps on Google Play and iTunes that offer infrared camera settings, find one that works for you if you cannot add light to the baby’s room.
  • Internet connections can drop at any time so it is important to keep check on the connection between the monitor and receiver. A good idea is to have a moving object in the baby’s room, such as a fan or TV screen. If the moving object freezes on the monitor, you know the internet connection has dropped. If this happens, you can recreate the connection by simply refreshing the browser on both devices.
  • Both the monitor and receiver have audio and video enabled. You may want to mute the monitor to avoid disturbing the baby’s sleep.
  • You do not need to use the same internet connection on both devices, however, if you are using a limited data connection please understand that you are technically streaming live video and that can use up a lot of data.

We offer a free and paid plan.

We offer a free and paid plan. The free plan has a time limit of 1 hour before shutting down whilst the paid plan has no time limit. The paid plan also offers a secure login for both devices, preventing anyone ever guessing the unique web address for your monitor. Although the system generates unique URLs with a mixture of lower / higher case letters and numbers, technically impossible to guess, the added layer of security is guaranteed privacy.

Please try the free version before signing up to our paid plan so you know that it works on your devices and internet connection without any problems.


  • 60 Minute Connection Limit


5For 1 Month
  • Unlimited Connection Time
  • Logged-in Privacy

We highly recommend trying out the free baby monitor before making payment for the pro version. This will give you the chance to check your devices and setup to make sure it works with our system. Access for the pro version is granted instantly upon payment.