Free Online Baby Video Monitor

Note: Our free baby monitor has a 60 minute time limit. Pro version has no time limit.


How Online Baby Cam Works:

Using WebRTC technology, our service connects devices browser to browser without recording or storing any video data on our servers. Our media server is simply a middleman that connects devices together and transcodes streams into a browser friendly format.

Connections are made by loading your baby video monitor unique web address into the browser on 2 or more devices. The web address is completely random using numbers and both lower and uppercase letters. Only the devices that load the web address will connect together. With millions of random combinations, unique URLs are made impossible for an outsider to guess.

Connections between devices are made over the internet. You do not need to be connected to the same internet hotspot. Our service is cross device compatible which means you can connect any device to any other. For example, use a laptop in the babies room and your mobile phone or tablet as the receiver for monitoring.

Both sound and video will function on both devices, it may be a good idea to mute the volume on the device in the babies room to avoid sleep disturbance.

You should check that the connection hasn’t dropped periodically. If a WIFI signal drops at any time, so will the connection between devices. If this happens, simply refresh the browser on both devices. A good idea is to have a moving object, such as a fan in the babies room, if it stops moving on the monitor video, you know the connection has dropped.

Our free baby monitor is restricted to 60 minutes before automatically closing connections.

Our pro baby monitor has no time limit and completely locked URLs for an extra layer of privacy and security.

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